Baby Spencer & me


At Spencer’s birth

“We hired Julie to be our doula for the birth of our second child.  We wanted a natural, non-medicated birth.  We felt comfortable with Julie right away.  She never had her own agenda of how things should go – she was completely supportive of our wishes while still providing valuable information to help us make decisions.  One of the things we noticed about Julie is how unconcerned she was with things like what we do for a living or other less-relevant information.  She was only concerned with helping us prepare for the birth of our daughter.  Labor began on the morning of my due date and seemed to be progressing slowly at first but then began to move very quickly in the early afternoon.  I called Julie at 2pm and said I thought she should come over.  She arrived just before 3pm.  My water had released minutes before Julie arrived and that caused things to progress extremely fast.  We decided it was time to go to the hospital but our baby had other ideas.  As we were headed to the car, we had to stop in the hallway.  We realized that our daughter was going to be born at home.  Julie remained calm and talked my husband through the process of receiving our child.  She knew what to look for to make sure there were no major problems and reassured us along the way.  Our daughter was born at 3:15pm, healthy and perfect.  It was amazing!  Not scary at all.  We were so thankful to have Julie there.  We drove ourselves to the hospital a short time later and Julie stayed with us until we were settled in.  Julie also came to see us a few days later to visit and process the whole experience.  She brought us a CD of the beautiful pictures she somehow remembered to take just after the birth.

We would highly recommend Julie to anyone considering a doula!”

~ Lori B.

Autumn’s wonderful birthing team!

“My sister and her husband recently hired Julie as their Doula for the birth of their first child.  I first met her when we arrived at the hospital when my sister went into labor.  My sister’s labor process brought some unexpected twists and turns, and I ended up spending over 30 hours with Julie as we both supported my sister through labor.

Julie was awesome to say the least.  She was a welcome calming and supportive presence throughout the entire process, not only for my sister and her husband, but also for me as a participant in this whole process!  She was professional, caring, knowledgeable, sunny and just a joy to be around.  She seriously feels like family after sharing the wonderful experience of the arrival of my niece with her.

With the many unexpected speed bumps in my sisters delivery, Julie remained calm and supportive, listening to my sister and her husband and responding with thoughtful support and advice.  She also helped to coach me through the process, letting me know how I could best help and comfort my sister throughout the different stages of her journey.

When the time comes for my husband and I to start a family, we will definitely be putting in a call to Julie.  She is truly wonderful!!”

~Rachel K.

Sweet baby Autumn

“Julie was our doula for the birth of our daughter and I just can’t say enough wonderful things about her!  Though she was new to being a doula, we were her 13th birth, her knowledge and confidence was that of someone with many years of experience. We had very much wanted a natural birth but due to issues beyond our control I ended up needing a c-section after 33 hours of labor.  Julie’s support throughout this experience helped me to feel that I had truly done all that I could to achieve a natural birth and she knew just what to say to keep me calm and relaxed through a difficult labor and the even more difficult decision to have a c-section. I had several family members besides my husband there during our labor and delivery and Julie worked so well with them as a team, they all loved her as much as we did!”

~Sara L.



Isabelle’s birth





“Well, it looks as though I will be the first Dad to write a review for Julie. What can I say… When my girlfriend first brought up the idea of hiring a doula I was a little bit hesitant. I had never heard of a doula and was cautious about bringing in someone we didn’t know to share in such a personal experience. Once I met Julie for the first time those bits of hesitance went away. She made us both feel so comfortable with her caring personality as well as her experience and knowledge of Hypnobirthing.

I can’t reiterate enough how much of a LIFE SAVOR Julie was during labor. As a first time dad I would have had no idea what to say or do while she was going through her surges (contractions) even after taking all of the classes etc.. Not to mention that she was able to massage her the right way and in the right places, something I tried to do, but apparently was not very good at.

Layla’s Birth

In short, for the expecting moms and dads out there… I could not imagine us going through labor without Julie there. She knew answers to questions I did not, she was able to massage her in places I was not hitting, she was able to remind her to keep breathing right and most importantly you could tell that Julie really cares about what she is doing.

I should also mention that a few days after the birth, Julie stoped by the house and brought over some pictures she had taken durring  labor and post labor. With everything that is going on you don’t even think about taking pictures, but Julie does. She was able to capture memories we otherwise would not have had. She also brought us dinner.

We now consider her to be an extended part of our family and when we are ready to have our next child she will be one of the first people we call. If anyone is on the fence about hiring a doula (specifically Julie) feel free to aks her for my number and I would be happy to go over our experience in more detail.

P.S. – My girlfriend has also used Julie for massages and while I have not gotten one yet I hear they are amazing!”

~Dennis K.


Mama Andrea & little Harrison

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