Doula Services

Services and Fees                                $2,500-

Pre-Birth Services~

  • We meet for an interview at no cost. The interview is to see if we will work well together.  If you choose me, we will set our first meeting, where we will sign a contract and I will collect a non-refundable deposit.

Before Baby Comes ~

  • A minimum of 2 prenatal visits –

At the first visit we will go over:

  1. Things to do ahead of time
  2. What to pack
  3. Your Birth Preferences (so that we are all on the same page)
  4. Essential oil education. What is useful for labor and postpartum

The Second visit is done closer to your guess date (around 38 weeks) to go over:

  1. Labor positions
  2. A New Born Plan
  3. A Postpartum Plan
  • E-mail and phone/text support throughout your pregnancy
  • I am on-call 24/7 from 38-42 weeks

Birthing Day ~

  • I can come to your home during early labor to help make you as comfortable as possible or I can meet you at the birthing place.  This is completely your call, I come when you need me.
  • I will be there for whatever you need.  If you don’t want me to leave your side – I won’t.  If you want some private time with your birth companion, I’ll step out.
  • I will help remind you to drink water and I will also help remind you to go to the bathroom, it’s no fun having baby come down on a full bladder!
  • I will keep your birth partner involved (as much as he/she feels comfortable with) and I step back so they can be there to comfort you.
  • I will anticipate both of your needs and look for ways to assist throughout the process.  I am support for both of you, not a replacement for those who love and care about you.
  • You’re the boss and I am there to support all of your choices.  This is your birth and I am there for you.
  • I am also there for your birth companion when they need to take a nap or eat (they must get their needs met so they can be there fully for you)
  • I also take turns with physical support so your partner doesn’t get burnt-out. Remember they have a newborn and postpartum mama to take care of soon.
  • My job is also to set the stage for a positive tone between us and your care providers.  I always encourage my clients to bring treats to spoil nurses and midwives – we are all on the same team and they too want what’s best for you and your baby.
  • I will help interpret any unfamiliar lingo your care providers may use during your birth.  Nurses are very willing to explain if we just communicate that to them.
  • I will remind you of different birth positions for comfort and to keep baby moving down into the birth path.
  • I support you and your companion to have the birth that you want.
  • I am open to taking pictures for you at the birth if you wish.  If you want the best photography taken ask me for some great resources.
  • ~In the case your birthing place will not allow my care at the time, I will switch to being virtual support. (Zoom, phone, text)~
  • This is your special day, it is the only chance to birth this baby and I want it to be as wonderful as you do.

After the birth ~

  • I stay 1 – 2 hours after your birth to make sure that you are all settled in and your needs are being seen to by your care provider.
  • I want to make sure a meal is on its way if you want to eat.
  • I also wait for you to start to breastfeed, if you are to do so; usually the nurses like to help with positioning and helping the baby latch.
  • I will call you within the first 4 days to check in and to set up our one postpartum visit, usually 5-7 days after the baby is born. I can come earlier if you need me.
  • 1 Postpartum Visit – We will go over:
  1. Your birth and talk about how it went and any unresolved feelings you or your partner may have.
  2. I want to make sure that you are healing well physically and coping well emotionally when I come.  There are lots of changes when baby is finally home.
  3. I will help you with any infant care questions.
  4. I will hold baby if you need to catch a nap or simply shower!
  5. I am available for my mom’s via phone or e-mail if they ever need any resources.
  6. If I took any pictures with my camera, I will have them in digital form and give it to you at our postpartum visit.


  • Massages (Prenatal/Postnatal/Partner):
  • Two 75 min. massage ~                                                                                       $220 ($20 savings)
  • Four 75 min. massage ~                                                                                      $440 ($40 savings)
  • Six 75 min. massages ~                                                                                       $660 ($60 savings)
  • Ten 75min. massages ~                                                                                       $1,100 ($100 savings)


  • Placenta Encapsulation:                                                                                       $275 ($25 savings)

  • HypnoBirthing Class series:

Private Class:                                                                                                          $575 ($25 savings)

        “Take 2” ~ Refresher class:                                                                                      $75 per hour


  • Infant Massage Class series:                                                                                $190 ($10 savings) 
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