Questions to Ask a Doula

What to look for in a Doula:

How to hire the doula for you…

A doula can greatly enhance your experience of childbirth. Your birth doula will be at your side along with your care provider and partner, as part of your team for continuous support during labor and birth. Finding a good fit for you and your family is critical.

You will also want to consider whether you and your partner feel comfortable with an individual doula. You will need to feel that this doula is supportive of your hopes and expectations about labor, childbirth and parenting, in addition to having a strong professional background.


The following questions will help you decide if a particular doula is right for you.

When interviewing a birth doula:

  • What training have you had?
  • Do you have backup doulas for times when you are not available? May we meet her?
  • What is your fee, what does it include and what are your refund policies?
  • Tell me about your experience as a birth doula.
  • What is your philosophy about birth and supporting women and their partners through labor?
  • May we meet to discuss our birth plans and the role you will play in supporting me through birth?
  • May we call you with questions or concerns before and after the birth?
  • When do you try to join women in labor? Do you come to our home or meet us at the place of birth?
  • Do you meet with us after the birth to review the labor and answer questions?


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